An Interesting Perspective

An Interesting Perspective

A few months ago, I walked into a local art gallery and was mesmerized by a painting on the wall (all my husband could say was “uh oh”).  It literally seemed to call to me, to the point where I knew it was coming home with us.


Of course, the photo does not do the painting justice, as it truly sparkles and changes appearance with the time of day and the light. It felt magical to me when I first saw it, and I still feel its pull today – actually many times per day!!!

Last weekend the artist, Oryan, was in town at the gallery where we bought the painting.  My husband and I were fortunate to spend time talking with him about his unique style and approach.  When we got to his inspiration, he explained that he viewed trees as being like people.  All of his pieces are originals, and, to him, each tells a story.  I was particularly taken when he said that he felt that people are not different because of their ethnicity or religion.  Instead, he said that people are different based on their specific life experiences which formed their unique views and way of being.  So, in his art, he represented this worldview by creating trees that are never the same, with different branches and colors – all beautiful, yet distinct.

I loved his metaphor and wanted to share it with you.  In my mind and heart, I wish that we all could learn to appreciate how experiences of others formed them, and then from there understand why they might feel or think a certain way… Maybe then, we could have more compassion for those that are different from us.

For example, I often see couples that have stopped trying to understand their partner’s experience and, instead, begun to put up barriers.  Oryan illustrates the opposite approach beautifully with his couple tree images.

Isn’t that amazing?  He explained that he sees couples growing together, with individual branches uniting over time with shared experiences and understanding.  Yet, many of us get so stuck in what we believe that we pull apart instead of grow together. In contrast, couples that thrive, often prune and remove dead branches to let in the light or just to create more space, allowing for new growth to emerge…

This reminded me of my program I am introducing called The Magical Mystery of Men. Our own experiences as women can cause us to not completely understand the men in our lives or communicate as clearly what we need as we would like.

I have studied relationships from so many angles over the past twenty years that I have become a sort of diamond cutter when it comes to men and women.  From my own personal experiences, books I have read, programs I have taken, and my own work with clients, I have developed a unique program that peels the many layered onion that comprise relationships between men and women.

If you are in a relationship that you know could work better, are single, and have had one or more relationships end with unanswered questions as to why and/or have a son, a male boss or co-worker that you have difficulty clicking with, then The Magical Mystery of Men program is a MUST for you to take.

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If you know it’s time to doing some trimming to allow for healthy growth, as an individual or as part of a relationship, reach out to me to schedule a call with me click here

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