I’m Sooo Excited to Share This!

In my ongoing effort to bring something interesting, fun and new to the Desire on Fire community, I am launching a video series.  Why?  Well,  I have always been fascinated with relationships, with a primary focus on women – what makes us tick, what makes us happy, what we can do differently or better.  Well, in thinking about couples, I recognized that there was a wealth of knowledge to be gained from men who are part of happy couples – and from the couples themselves!

So, to test the idea, I have already filmed a series of interviews with couples in long term relationships (all are married).  It has been even more fun and revealing than I could have hoped.  The insights from real couples, sharing real stories (the good and the bad), has been wonderful.  I know in my heart that you will find something useful or helpful in every conversation.

I am working on two things for the undertaking at this point.  First, a name for this “Relationship Series” – if Relationship Series is not catchy enough, I have been playing with acronyms.  My latest is Secrets of Understanding Love, or SOUL, as in the Desire on Fire SOUL Series.  I’m trying it on.  Suggestions are welcome!

 Second, in watching the videos, I have come to a horrifying and hilarious revelation – I make inadvertent faces (eyes widening randomly, smiling because I am on camera, etc.).  Please know two things – I am aware of the faces and I am working on being not so overt about them!  But the videos filmed to date are so good, that I am posting them – faces and all!

We are starting off with an interview with Sam and I and each week will bring you another couple. Just a as a sneak peek- here is my video with Sam! (The video cuts out for a minute but don’t worry, it comes back!) Enjoy!!

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