Looking Forward Not Back

Looking Forward Not Back

I could start this blog apologizing for being virtually non-communicative last year, but I am not going to do that.  Suffice it to say 2016 was a very difficult, yet transformative, year for me and as a result, the way I see things.  I needed to lay low, to first grieve and then mourn, and to regenerate and recover from the loss of my sister, as well as other things.  And while I did all of that, 2016 is now in the past.

I am energized when I say that 2017 will be about moving forward, revising what I believe is important and letting go of the rest – literally letting everything that does not work or is not in alignment fall to the wayside.  This year is about being braver and bolder, and taking a stand without reservation.

What do I want to stand for?  So many women (and men) are settling for “just fine,” when I want them to strive for “the great relationship.”  I want women to be inspired and step up; to say that an ok or even a sometimes good relationship is no longer acceptable!  Not bad enough to leave is too low a bar!!!  So, in 2017, I am standing up for women who want the great relationship…

Imagine for one minute being with the one you love and adore. Someone who feels the same way about you.  What would it be like to come home to that person, and him (or her) to you?  Imagine a man whose main goal in life is too make you happy… but yet is frustrated because you don’t understand that – or don’t let him know how.  (I know there are some deadbeat men and I’m not talking about them here.  I’m talking of the many, many good men out there who have backed away because they do not know how to make you happy).  So I am taking a stand for all the good, kind, exceptional men out there who only want to make us happy. I want to show you how to make that happen for yourselves, and how to receive it, and in turn watch your relationship soar to new heights that you didn’t know were possible.  Surprisingly, the same logic applies to other men in our lives too – co-workers, brothers, fathers, friends, sons, etc.


I hope you are, because that is where we are going.  I totally understand if this approach is not your thing. Maybe you will want to unsubscribe – I really hope that you don’t!  But as I sit here today, I know that I am here on this planet, at this moment, to help people have the most awesome relationships.  For the past 16 years, everything I have done and studied has lead me here, and now I am READY to share it all with you, at whatever level you are ready to receive it!

It might be just reading this blog every couple of weeks.  It might be taking the suggested actions steps.  It might be signing up for a complimentary session to see how quickly you can bring this approach into your life.  It might be taking one of my programs.  Whenever you are ready, I am here to serve you, and take a stand for you to have or create the best relationship possible.  Even good relationships need nurturing too!

February is the month of love thanks to Hallmark and Valentine’s Day, so it feels like a perfect time to begin.  So we are going to start off slow with a simple, fun exercise – it is what I call “The 10-Second Kiss Challenge.”  It will begin on February 7th and end on the 14th.  All you need to do is every day make sure you kiss your partner for 10 seconds before he/she leaves the house –  or if you both work at home, before you start your day.  A 10-second kiss is longer that the perfunctory peck and yet it is not long enough to make you late.  But what it does is start to make connection in a whole new way.  We will be posting daily on the Facebook group here to encourage you – so let me know if you are in by sending me an email here

I’m so excited!!!



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