Why You Want to Work With Me

I see “Desire” as the fuel for our lives and “Fear” as the brakes. And, unfortunately, too many of us are riding the brakes rather than hitting the gas. Why??? If you have found your way this deep into my website, I am sure that you can relate to this metaphor. And, I have a sneaky suspicion that you would like to adjust your personal equation with more time spent on what you Desire and less time focusing on the reasons why it cannot be so.
You might not know exactly what you want. But one thing is clear – you are more than ready to have a different experience. Isn’t it time that you really gave yourself the opportunity to live your life at its fullest potential? I know you know that you are here on our planet for a reason, and the world needs you at your fieriest. No one wins when you play it small; NO ONE!!! and especially not YOU…

My programs are designed to help you get your “inner flame” burning as brightly as it did years ago. Do you remember those days??? If you are happy staying stuck and like to find all the reasons “why not,” then you and I will probably not be a good fit. However, if you know that you have wasted enough time already and are ready to feel more fulfilled (even if you are not quite sure what that means yet), then I invite you to set up a time for us to chat to see where you are and how I can help you. I want you to have the life that you know you want. I know what it takes to help you get there. And, I will fight for you! If you are committed to change, you absolutely can move successfully toward the life you envision for yourself.

When was the last time you talked with someone about your life, desires and health, and received the personal attention you deserve? It is rare for anyone to actually take the time they need to focus on their goals with a trained professional. As a certified health and wellness coach, and a self-declared vibrant living alchemist, I will create the supportive environment that you need to explore how you want to change your life.

Could one conversation really open the door to the life you truly want? Find out by clicking here to schedule a no-risk, free consultation with me. Please do not skip this opportunity. And, remember, HUGE shifts are just a lot of little steps taken one after another… I am ready. ARE YOU?

One-on-One Coaching

My approach in all of my one-on-one client work involves commitment. It has taken years, if not decades, for you to arrive where you ARE today. While I will gladly have a complimentary initial call or meeting with you, I do not work with clients from session to session. Why? Change takes time. There is no magic pill or potion to set you on a sure path to “happiness.” You have to stay committed to identify and then define (and sometimes re-define!) you own personal path – and you have to begin by allowing yourself to make the choice to demand “more” (however you define more…). And, to be clear, you are allowed to want more – to feel more like yourself again, to have more energy, to have more passion and excitement. As women, we always seem to put the interest of others (children, relationship partner, parents, work) ahead of our own. But you have just one life to live, and I want to share a secret – everyone around you will be happy for you to take care of you too! Especially since you will bring more joy to everyone in your life when you get that bounce back in your step and passion in your voice.




My VIP Day is a one day experience designed to let my current and past clients take a “deep dive” and to let prospective clients get to know me through an intensive day where we focus on YOU – where you want to go and what it will take to get you there. A VIP day includes a kick off call prior to the appointment and two follow up “accountability” calls afterwards.
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Six Month Private Scrumptiously Vibrant High Touch Transformational Experience

Spring & Summer… Summer & Fall… Fall & Winter… Winter & Spring… Can you remember where you were six months ago? Two seasons is enough time to bring about dramatic change in your life. It is a true commitment of time and effort from you and from me. My Two Seasons Package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Two hour kick off call or in person meeting
  • Bi-weekly one hour meetings, with alternate weekly check in calls (15 minutes)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Complimentary tickets to all Desire On Fire workshops for one year
  • Books and other relevant materials necessary to support your program
  • Surprise gifts along the way!

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One Year Private Scrumptiously Vibrant High Touch Transformational Experience

Four seasons encompasses a year. It also is a luxury hotel chain and an indulgence in you! I only offer three Four Seasons packages a year because I want to make sure that I am available to you as I know that you are taking a BIG leap of faith and making a real commitment to yourself and your dreams. I want to assure you that I will be as committed as you are!

This individualized, concierge-level program has all of the features and services that you have dreamed of receiving – you just didn’t know where to find them integrated so seamlessly. The Four Seasons Package is designed to meet (and understand) you where you are, and take you on a one year journey into the land of what is possible, with easy to do action steps that will fit in your life. You are perfect for this program, and in the right place to receive its benefits, if you (1) know you are not operating at your full potential, (2) know there is so much more for you, and (2) are committed to making the life you actually want to happen! My Four Seasons Package includes, but is not limited to:

  • VIP Day kick off
  • Meetings, phone calls and access – Each month we will have two scheduled one hour calls or in-person meetings, with a customized agenda. But, with this package, you will have unlimited access for check in calls and emails. When you have a question, I really want you to have the answer quickly – so you will not have any excuses to stay stuck!
  • A mid-way VIP Day
  • Complimentary tickets to all Desire On Fire workshops for one year
  • Books and other relevant materials necessary to support your program
  • Surprise gifts along the way!
  • Optional Bonus – If you are single and want to ignite your dating success, or simply change your dating pattern, this will be a topic that we will
    explore. In addition, if you would like, during your VIP day, we will have a session with my husband, the author of “Don’t Be an Idiot,” an amazing relationship book for men. Together, we will help you make progress on the road to dating, including but not limited to helping with your online profile, confidence, dating do’s and don’ts, as well as real steps to take to help you create an awesome relationship. Of course, if you just want to spice up your current relationship, you and I will delve into that too…

Imagine it is one year from now. You feel totally comfortable in your body, with no more separation between the inner and outer you. You have a perceptible glow and your co-workers and/or potential clients are amazed at how easily you handle all aspects of your life, even the bumps along the way. Your friends and family smile easily around you and draw energy and excitement from your presence. Basically, your inner flame is burning brighter and life is just a lot more fun!!! You are once again a magnet for the things you have wanted and every area of your life has been up-leveled. You are on FIRE! I see you there already, and I am SO excited to go on this journey with you.
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Desire On Fire Circles

A Desire on Fire Circle is designed for individuals that are willing to recommit to themselves to live their best life, however they define “best.” The Circle, a one year group program that includes monthly in-person meetings of the most supportive, caring and encouraging community you can imagine (although sometimes the other 8-10 participants in your circle might give you a kick in the butt to spur you forward!).

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