As women, we rejoice in our differences while still being bound by our common threads. My approach is focused on your uniqueness as I thematically urge you to turn up the fire and passion in your life. As a result, I offer a variety of programs ranging from half-day workshops and group programs to intensive one-on-one coaching. I know that as you read on you will find an approach that fits your specific needs and circumstances.


Five Steps to Re-Ignite your Inner Flame

The Five Steps workshop is a one day experience that is designed to bring more awareness to your every day experience and how you can amp things up! Click here to learn more about this fun, challenging and interactive workshop. The Five Steps program is offered twice a year in Westchester County, NY, but if you are interested in me bringing this to your area, please contact us here.



Speaking Engagements

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker to motivate your office or group (business, networking, or religious) then you are in the right place. Please contact to discuss topics that fit your audience.

“Deborah has a way of communicating with people that is both inspiring and compelling. I would love to listen to her speak again. Her enthusiasm was contagious and the content presented credible”.

“Deborah did an excellent job of engaging the members present as well as offering concrete advice to move them past hurdles. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a motivational speaker”